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  1. I have searched high and low for organized thread storage and LOVE your idea! I am ordering from IKEA here in Twin Cities, Mn. asap. Thank you!!!!

    • I love my thread organizer, Cheryl. I tried several others but none allowed me to store the matching bobbin on top of the thread. My husband is very handy and when I told him what I wanted just made it for me!

  2. If you put the bobbin under the spool of thread on the spindle, it will work if the drawer is deep enough. The thread just sits a little higher. You don’t have to use pegboard; which is a brilliant idea.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Ruth, I actually tried that on my original thread case, but the spindle was too thick for the bobbin to go to the bottom and the thread to sit on top. When we put the wooden spindles on the peg board we had to sand them down for the bobbin to fit on top. I do lose some storage in the back of the drawer but I’m okay with that.

  3. I do quilting and machine embroidery so I have box upon box of thread. This is a fantastic idea. I have a four drawer unit I will convert for all my thread. Thank you.

    • Paula, I’m so glad you like it. My thread organizer has really worked well for me! I only have the one drawer but plan on turning at dedicating at least two more drawers to thread.

  4. I bought a wooden plaque. Had my husband make holes and used 3/8 inch dowels. Painted it and hung it on the walll above my machine

    • That sounds like a great idea! i had considered something like that but I didn’t have a lot of wall space. Most of it is taken up by shelves, furniture and a design wall. Thanks for commenting mary.

    • Thanks for your comments Sharon and Denise. Since I want to turn another of the drawers into a thread holder for my embroidery thread and this sounded much easier, I asked my husband for a couple of golf tees. He is an avid golfer and he gave me the long type of golf tee–about 2 3/4″ long. The bottom is too large to fit into the peg board so I thought about just hot-gluing it to the top of the peg board, using the holes for guidance. But even doing that method, the spool fits but the bobbin does not. There are other types of golf tees out there so I’m wondering what type you used.

  5. Just wanted to ask “Sharon” of Jan.9, 2017 a few questions. Sharon, did you put the golf tees under the peg board & thru the holes? Or did you just glue them (upside down, of course) down right on top of the peg board holes? One more question, I don’t suppose they would hold both Thread spool & bobbin on one tee, right?

  6. Brilliant idea! My husband is a keen golfer and has tees which are 3 1/4 inches – perfect for a spool and a bobbin. He’s going to make me a couple of drawers for my sewing cabinet using pegboard and the long tees.

  7. Could you tell me the dimensions of the drawers, please. My husband is building me a cabinet for my sewing/embroidery machines and I cannot decide on drawer sizes. Thanks in advance for your help.

  8. Love your idea Kathy! Just wondering if the pegboard is layed inside the drawer, or did Terry use it to replace the existing drawer bottom.

    • Thanks for commenting Kris. Terry just laid the pegboard inside the drawer. I use the thread drawer I have now for cotton thread for quilting. I’ve had several suggestions to try using golf tees rather than dowels. Hoping to get to a golf store and find the really long tees this week. If that works, I have another drawer I’d like to put the polyester thread in. And a thread drawer for embroidery thread! So much “stuff” comes with sewing!

  9. I just cut a piece of mat board & glued golf tees on it. I bought a similar chest from the Martha Stewart line at Home Depot. (but more expensive) I think it is taller & the drawers are deeper. I filled the whole chest with thread & still had too much. Someone gave me a bunch of serger thread.

    • Hi Donna, there never seems to be enough storage for thread or fabric. I recently decided to put only cotton quilting thread in the current thread drawer–which means I need to make a drawer for regular thread and another fo embroidery thread! My husband just brought me home a bag of the long 3 1/2″ tees. I still have some peg board left from the original project so I will probably use that. I like the idea of the mat board because it’s cheaper and I could cut it. But I’ll use up the peg board first. Hoping to get that finished within the next few days and put it up on my blog!

  10. Lazy way to make pegs longer – add straws cut to needed length. You can cut slits down the straw, if needed to have a smaller spot for the bobbin. You can glue them on or just slide them over pegs.

    • Hi Laura, thank you for the suggestion. I’m always looking for ways to get more organized. It took a little while for me to answer this because I was doing a some research. I had two different size straws at my house. One was too narrow to go over the peg, the other was too big for the bobbin. Last week I was at a restaurant and took the straw from my drink home to check that out. It fit just fine over the drawer that has the golf pegs but didn’t fit well over the dowels in the first drawer. I have a thread tray that I take to the sewing workshop that I run. And the straw fit perfectly over those pegs so I was pretty excited. But… I have two sewing machines. An older Bernini that goes to the sewing class with me and a Baby Lock Unity that stays home. The bobbins from the Baby Lock worked just fine with the straws. But the hole in the middle of the Bernini bobbin was too small.

  11. If you are making your own thread holder, you can also use short pegs and attach Handi-Bobs that hold the bobbins. There is some expense in buying them (25 for under $9 on eBay). Handi-bobs clip into the hole at top of thread spool and hold the bobbin. They are available on Amazon but I didn’t see the bulk pkg. I always use handi-bobs. There is another Very similar product but I can’t remember the name. I just bought thread racks that hang on the wall (and used handi-bobs) but I like the idea of keeping thread in the drawer like you have done. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Lori B! I checked out the Handi-bobs at Amazon. They had a package of 18 for $8.49. They look pretty cool. Think I’ll order them for the thread box that goes to the Sew Cool! Workshop with me. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • I’m not sure how that would work. If I can find another piece of the peg board in my garage, I will try it! I have plenty of foam to do a test. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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