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I live in Old Homosassa, part of the Nature Coast of Florida, with my husband Terry and pooch Maggie. For about four years I’ve been writing about our life on my other website, Just a Slice of Life in Perfect. Lots of oversharing there plus news about the community, travel, photos, and our adventures.

I started sewing when I was in Junior High School.  I’m tall and that’s about the time when I got fed up with being forced to wear “flood” pants.  So I made all of my clothes and then went on to making my daughter’s outfits when she was born many many years later.  That lasted until she was about five.  She was quite the fashionista at that early age and one day refused to wear anything I made.  She even took all those adorable high-waisted dresses to the neighbor girl.  And that’s when I stopped sewing clothes!

Now I make “things”.  Drapes, pillows, quilts, totes…things.  I try to sew everyday.  Even if it’s only for an hour.  Usually early in the morning.  I use a Baby Lock Unity sewing machine.  I never expected to have such a wonderful piece of equipment and I love, love, love it!

I also play the banjo.  Weird, right?  This is a recent addiction–I’ve only been playing for three years.  You won’t be seeing me on any stage any time soon–but I love it!

This site is dedicated to DIY–sewing, quilting, photography, gardening, and any other creative endeavor I take on. Some of the projects I write about are original and include tutorials.  Others are my interpretation of something from Pinterest, other blogs, magazine articles, and occasionally from a boring old pattern.

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