DIY Quilted Coasters


My sewing machine was in the doctor’s office. For five days. Five days. It’s better now.  Just needed a little maintenance.  A tiny face-lift. But.  Five days.  Which means, I’m five days behind on all of my sewing projects.  And I have a lot of them. So I decided to make something relatively easy this week. I’ve been planning to make coasters … ….oh there’s more

Splendid Sampler — Week 18

Splendid Sampler -- Week 18

Last week on the Splendid Sampler, I did an English Paper Piecing block, number 36. It was the block from Hell.  I decided no more English Paper Piecing for me! But guess what Block 51, Bee Happy is ??? Yeah, English Paper Piecing.  Which means, every little piece is wrapped around a template and hand-stitched together. Here’s what the templates look like. … ….oh there’s more

A Shark’s Tale


I’m on SewMamaSew today! Woo-Hoo! I created a shark pattern and tutorial for SewMamaSew.  And it’s being featured today!  Click right over their and check it out! This is another idea thanks to Jack! I was making mermaids for the girls. And he wanted to know what he was getting! “I made you puppies, Jack.” And Jack said “But that’s … ….oh there’s more

Splendid Sampler — Week 17

Splendid Sampler Week 17

It’s time for another weekly installment of THE SPLENDID SAMPLER! Week 17. The first 50 blocks plus 1 bonus block. FINISHED! Woo-hoo! First up is Block 44, Stitch in the Garden by Gail Pan.  A little applique and a lot of embroidery.  Up until this block, I’ve been tracing the embroidery by taping the printout on a sunny window, taping the … ….oh there’s more

DIY Photoboard

DIY Photoboard

This is Jack. This is the bulletin board I had in the grandkid’s bedroom. Covered with photos of friends and family having fun here in Homosassa.  A little history of our life. Jack was here one day and asked “Grandma, where’s my pictures?” I pointed out his newborn snaps. And he wasn’t happy about it. But the board is full, Jack. … ….oh there’s more

Splendid Sampler — Week 16

Blocks 28, 40 and bonus

Back to the Splendid Sampler! I again attempted the paper-pieced Block 28, Stitching Fashion.  I very very VERY carefully measured, cut, and stitched all the little pieces.  And I still ended up with the thread spool being wonky on one end.  Then I really messed up the embroidery–the thread is supposed to be big and loopy not small and crooked. … ….oh there’s more

Splendid Sampler — Week 15

The Splendid Sampler Week 15

If you are new to my Splendid Sampler’s weekly post, Welcome!  I started a few months after Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson initially began sending out the twice a week blocks.  I’ve been trying to catch up by making three blocks a week.  I was skipping around and picking the easy ones–piecing and applique–then decided I’d get the first 50 blocks … ….oh there’s more

Kid’s Artist Pouch

Kid's Artist Pouch

  Piper started kindergarten last week and I was lucky enough to visit her in North Dakota and be part of her big step. I wanted to bring her a special gift, of course. When she was visiting me in Florida back in June, she spent most of her indoor time drawing.  I found many of her sketches hidden throughout the house … ….oh there’s more

Splendid Sampler — Week 14

Splendid Sampler Week 14

I started out this week’s three blocks with Family Affair by Janice Ryan.  This was the first paper-pieced block that was offered on the Splendid Sampler, Block 15.  And I skipped right over it!  Oh so many tiny bits and pieces for this one. When I finally learned paper-piecing I started out with the two easiest that I posted about … ….oh there’s more