Splendid Sampler — Week 34

Splendid Sampler Week 34

Blocks 91, 92 and Bonus Block Derby Day Both blocks released this week had embroidery so there was a lot of hand-stitching going on.  Not my favorite sewing technique. First was Block 91, Gran’s Button Jar from Lynette Anderson. After doing the appliques for the sewing machine and button jar, I used several embroidery stitches–back stitch, French knots, running stitch and … ….oh there’s more

DIY Bulletin Board

bulletin board

I absolutely love bulletin boards. I have them all over the house. I posted about this photo board several months ago. I’ve got one right by the door to the garage where I stick coupons so I’ll remember to grab them as I walk out. (while it sounds like a good idea, I still never remember them) There’s more here and … ….oh there’s more

Splendid Sampler — Week 33

Splendid Sampler -- Week 33

Bonus Block Just for You, Blocks 89 and 90 Finally, the Splendid Sampler is back on track! While I was waiting for the next block to be released, I did the bonus block, Just for You by Pat Sloan.  This piece was brought out on March 19, 2016.  I picked this one because of the sweet little flower in a pot. (And … ….oh there’s more

Splendid Sampler — Week 32

Splendid Sampler -- Week 32

Bonus Blocks Gift Wrapped Package, Good Morning, and Wonderful Pumpkin Last time I posted (way back in 2016) I mentioned that the Splendid Sampler was put on hold by the creators, Jane Davidson and Pat Sloan.  I took a week off, went to North Dakota to see the family, and am back with three bonus blocks.  Block 89 will be … ….oh there’s more

What’s Next?

Lauris quilt

Happy 2017! I’ve been to the frozen tundra and returned with no frostbite!  (Just some serious chapping but my hair really looked good.) Had so much fun in Bismarck, ND.  Loved seeing the 3 grandkids and son Alan and DIL Lauri. Didn’t take my camera so I don’t have photos to share. When I was at Lauri’s 40th birthday party (yes, Lauri, … ….oh there’s more

Splendid Sampler — Week 31

Splendid Sampler -- Week 31, block 88, bonus blocks Christmas Lights and Happy Birthday

Block 88, Bonus Blocks Christmas Lights and Happy Birthday Well, the creators of the Splendid Sampler have thrown me a curve ball. I finally got caught up and planned on doing the two pieces introduced each week plus a bonus to continue my goal of 3 blocks a week. Then they sent out an email saying that they were taking … ….oh there’s more

Christmas Coasters with Tray

Christmas Coasters with Tray

I decided months ago that I wasn’t buying ANY NEW Christmas fabric this year.  It was hard.  I kept looking at all the new selections. But….. I really needed to use up some of the holiday pieces I had in my stash.  (so I can buy more next year!) I was determined to use up some of that stack of … ….oh there’s more

Splendid Sampler — Week 30

Splendid Sampler -- Week 30, Blocks 86, 87 and Bonus Block, Top of the Hill

Blocks 86, 87 and Bonus Block “Top of the Hill” This was a week of “stars”. Block 86 was Unity Star designed by Vanessa Christenson. Lots of little pieces all patchworked together. I thought I was very very careful but one of the sides doesn’t line up.  I still can’t understand how that happens. But it continues! The next star … ….oh there’s more

DIY Pillow for Christmas

Wild Reindeer

I think I make at least one new pillow every Christmas.  Here’s some from past years.   Just click on the highlighted words and you’ll go right to the tutorial.  The first two are on my other website. This one is definitely the easiest.  I call it the “Easy-Peasy I’m having a Party Tonight Pillow!” This ornament pillow is a little more … ….oh there’s more

Splendid Sampler — Week 29

Blocks 84, 85 and Bonus Block

Blocks 84, 85 and Bonus Block Early Bird by Joan Ford was the first block for the week. As the designer says “When I see the first robin, my heart sings! It means winter is over, days are getting longer, and warmer weather is within reach.”   Here in Homosassa, I’m not so excited about robins.  The first robin usually … ….oh there’s more