Kid’s Artist Pouch

Kid's Artist Pouch

  Piper started kindergarten last week and I was lucky enough to visit her in North Dakota and be part of her big step. I wanted to bring her a special gift, of course. When she was visiting me in Florida back in June, she spent most of her indoor time drawing.  I found many of her sketches hidden throughout the house … ….oh there’s more

Splendid Sampler — Week 14

Splendid Sampler Week 14

I started out this week’s three blocks with Family Affair by Janice Ryan.  This was the first paper-pieced block that was offered on the Splendid Sampler, Block 15.  And I skipped right over it!  Oh so many tiny bits and pieces for this one. When I finally learned paper-piecing I started out with the two easiest that I posted about … ….oh there’s more

What’s Up!

youth artist pouch

I’m in North Dakota visiting family and had totally planned on putting up one of my projects here today but left the tutorial on my desktop computer–at home in Florida.  I’ve got the photo files and planned on pulling them together during my visit. (These grandkids are late sleepers so I usually have a couple hours of computer time every morning) Whoops! … ….oh there’s more

Splendid Sampler — Week 13


  I did it!  I learned paper-piecing!  And it’s easy!  And fun! LIfe-changing.  (not really) I know! you don’t believe me! But….. After reading tutorials, and watching videos, and trying to understand it by staring at the pattern for a really looooong time, I actually watched the first three lessons of the Craftsy Class by Carol Doak. This is the first … ….oh there’s more

DIY Tea Towels

Tea Towels with Moda Fabrics by Bonnie and Camille

These tea towel are my most popular pin on Pinterest. Been pinned over 8,000 times. But it’s on my other website “Just a Slice of Life in Perfect” and doesn’t bring any new viewers here. So I thought I’d repost with some updates. I love cute retro tea towels, aprons, and pot holders at Anthropoligie, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate and Barrel….and … ….oh there’s more

Splendid Sampler — Week 12

Splendid Sampler Week 12, Blocks 41, 31,and 50

I didn’t get any paper-piecing done this week.  But I have hope.  I’ve been watching a Craftsy class with Carol Doak.  I think I understand how to put it all together.  I plan to start with the easiest one of the bunch. Something I was shocked to learn from Carol was that you can use your sewing scissors to cut … ….oh there’s more

Another Little Zippety-do-da Pouch


So I was reading “Glamour’ the other day. (And you are thinking that maybe I’m a little too old to read Glamour and I’m going to respond that you are absolutely RIGHT!) But I will continue…. On page 74 in the August 2016 (the issue with Mila wearing denim on the front and wearing no makeup on the back) there’s “The … ….oh there’s more

Splendid Sampler — Week 11

Splendid Sampler -- Week 11

Three more blocks DONE! Started with Block 32, The Constant Needle by Laurie Simpson.  All applique.  Quick and Easy! Then I did some piecing on the next block that I picked for this week, number 46, Twirl Time by Sarah Maxwell.  I guess I’m getting used to working with these tiny bits and pieces because I sewed this one up … ….oh there’s more

Block Twelve — August — Quilt as You Go

Good Day Sunshine

Good Day Sunshine! Is there anything hotter than August in Florida?  Oh wait, I know the answer to that, August in Phoenix.  Been there.  It’s an oven. But it’s REALLY hot here, too.  So I decided to use the Sun for my August block. My Pinspiration was this sunflower block. I wanted this to have a fun look so for the … ….oh there’s more

Splendid Sampler — Week 10

Splender Sampler Week 10

I received an order from last week.  (Shhhhh, don’t tell Addison that her mermaid fabric is here!) There’s enough for at least 2 mermaid tail sleeping bags (hopefully 3) and one shark. I also ordered three pieces to supplement my stash for the Splendid Sampler.  My excuse is I needed to buy enough to get the free shipping that comes with a minimum of … ….oh there’s more