The Splendid Sampler — The Very LAST Post — 5 Comments

  1. wow that’s a fabulous quilt – love your layout with different backgrounds – congratulations on getting this quilt finished !!

      • Kathy, Congrats on your fabulous quilt! Wonderful fabric and layout choices! I remember reading at some point about a problem you experienced while quilting the white fabric. I’ve had a similar problem with a white-on-white fabric, where the white was printed on the surface of the white fabric. Have never had that problem before or after, but I am now careful to only use a woven white-on-white, and not something that’s printed on white. I think my problem might have been caused by the printed white-on-white feeding differently than my other fabrics, and shifting as it passed under the foot.

        • Thank you Karen, for your kind comments. I did have an issue with the white on white fabric. I was sad about it since I had put so much work into the quilt and didn’t discover the issue until I was doing the quilting. But I made that quilt for my guest bedroom and I’m sure that I’m the only one that notices it! In the future I’ll take your advice and only buy the woven style!

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